Everything about 123 Iran pomex adhesives

All about 123 adhesives

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Glue 123 or cyanoacrylate: Glue 123 or cyanoacrylate is a quick-drying transparent glue that has industrial, medical and household applications.

How does glue 123 work? Unlike some glues that work with evaporation or heat, glue 123 owes its fast-acting process to the presence of moisture.

which reacts immediately when exposed to air, even if there is a small amount of relative humidity in the air.
Maximum 12 months if not opened and about 4 to 8 weeks if opened. But again, it depends a lot on the type of material and the quality of the product
The solution to increase the lifespan of adhesives 123
Store the 123 adhesives in the carton at a cool temperature

Keeping opened 123 adhesives at room temperature is also a good solution

Unopened adhesives retain their best properties when stored in a completely cool environment. After opening,
Do not place it in a completely cool environment, because the amount of moisture will condense and dry the glue quickly. glues at room temperature,
Store at about 12 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. To extend the life of opened adhesives, make sure the adhesive nozzle is clean and tightly closed, then tighten or replace the cap.
To ensure the entry of air. Storage in an outer chamber with low air to eliminate internal moisture also increases shelf life

Gives . What is the average adhesive time of glue 123? The average adhesion time of the glue is between 5 and 90 seconds and from 8 to 24 hours for complete adhesion.
The sticking time of 123 adhesives depends on the moisture content of the objects and the quality of the 123 adhesive
We think of 123 adhesives as a fast adhesive, but more attention should be paid to the type of 123 adhesives. Of course, you should know because of the adhesive process 123. Adhesives start to work when exposed to moisture
And since there is moisture almost everywhere, they react well on almost any surface. Even for difficult levels,
For example, surfaces that repel water. How can I have better adhesion?
Better adhesion depends a lot on your surface, so your surface must be free of any dust, wetness, oil, etc.
Does 123 Izan Pomex glue create an exothermic reaction with natural materials? Yes, natural materials such as cotton, wool and leather
. When the 123 Izan Pomex glue comes into contact with materials such as cotton and wool, it causes heat
And sometimes smoke and fire are also observed, leather can also have a heat-generating reaction
How to remove 123 Izan Pomex glue from my fingers?
123 Iran Pomex adhesives love our human hands, do you know why?
Because they have a moist environment, they react quickly. Now, if your hands get sticky, this is the fastest way
The solvent used for 123 Iran adhesives is pumice stone, but you must be very careful when using it
At what temperature can we use Iran Pomex glue 123? up to 89 degrees Celsius,
But special 123 Iran Pomex adhesives are also designed up to 117 degrees Celsius, which is for use in extreme heat for special areas.
When should Iran Pomex 123 adhesive spray or accelerator be used? When increasing adhesion speed or gap filling,
It is needed especially in cold and dry conditions. If you need a quick connection or in very cold or dry conditions,
A special accelerator can be used to increase the adhesion time. Is glue 123 used in the medical industry?
Yes, 123 Iran Pomex adhesives have many applications with special performance in the medical and beauty industries. If you have any other questions, we are ready to answer them wholeheartedly.

Increasing the life of glue 123

Unopened bottles of 123 adhesives have a shelf life of 12 to 15 months. But be sure to check the dates.

Make sure that the glue you buy is brand new. Since bonding in the adhesive is temperature dependent and

Storage below the freezing point of water stops this process.

The shelf life of unopened bottles can be extended by storing them in the freezer.

Before opening, you must allow the Frozen Glue 123 to warm to room temperature and allow any condensation to dry completely.

Never store opened bottles in the freezer.

123 glue can last about 6 to 12 months after opening.

Although some opened versions last up to a month.

You can extend the life of your opened Glue 123 by storing it in a cool and completely dry place.

You must keep moisture in the air away from the 123 glue.

The easiest way to do this was identified in our research.

It is to place the opened bottles of glue 123 in a container without air and moisture.

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