10 important and practical tips when using glue 123 + glue solvent one two three pomex pomex

Glue 1, 2, 3 is one of the fast and very powerful glues that has many applications in industrial and household uses that can glue different parts together in the shortest possible time. For this reason, this glue is very popular in the market and among consumers, and it is also widely used in the market of MDF wood.

One, two, three Iran Pomex glue has a drop glue and activator spray. which is the base of drop glue 123 cyanoacrylate.


Applications of Iran Pomex glue 123

Iran Pomex glue 123 is mostly used for gluing stone, MDF, wood, most plastics, rubber, leather, metals and cotton. As mentioned, Razi 123 glue has a very high covering power and high adhesion, which has made it to have many fans among consumers.

Iranpomex 123 glue is produced in the Iranian market and reaches consumers under the name of RaziFix glue.

How to use glue one, two, three Iran Pomex

1) In order to use Iran Pomex 123 glue, you must first clean and dry the desired surface from any dirt and pollution.

2) Dip one of the surfaces with drop glue and spray the other surface and let it evaporate a little.

3) Stick the two surfaces firmly together and wait for 10-15 seconds until the surfaces stick well.





safety tips

Always note that when using all types of adhesives, be sure to follow the safety instructions on the product. When using Iran Pomex glue 123, pay attention to the following points:

1) The steam from Iran Pomex glue spray 123 is very harmful to health and avoid inhaling it separately.

2) Use a suitable mask when using Iran Pomex glue 123.

3) The place where glue is used must have proper ventilation.

4) Avoid contact of glue with skin and eyes, and in case of contact, wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.

5) Never put 123 Iran Pomex glue and spray in direct sunlight. High temperature may cause fire or spray explosion.

6) Do not smoke or light fire in the workplace with 123 Iran Pomex glue.


Halal glue 123 Iran Pomex (how to remove glue 123 from hands?)

To remove Iran Pomex glue from your hands, first wash your hands well with warm water and soap, and then scrape off the drop of glue from your hands.
Another way to remove glue from hands is to use glue solvent. The glue solvent is Acetone, which is also available in nail polish removers and can be used.

Iran Pomex glue 123 creates a strong bond. Acetone solvent can be used to separate the parts stuck together by one two three glue and to soften the glue. Acetone solvent is usually used to remove glue from parts such as stone, glass and metal, and it is not suitable for removing parts such as rubber and plastic.

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