Iran Pomex Group, with its activity in the field of construction industry, is ready to cooperate with activists in the field of construction adhesives, paste adhesives, powder adhesives, strapping adhesives, concrete adhesives, sealing adhesives.

1: International and domestic trade

2: Import and export

3: Consulting and marketing

4: Buying and selling ceramic tile glue

5: supply of raw materials

99 min

99 Min

In addition to the activity of buying and selling all kinds of products, it tries to increase the amount of your sales, which has been achieved by providing consulting, marketing, and customer relationship management, as well as effective factors in sales.

1: Specialist managers with high technical knowledge

2: Capable and experienced personnel and of course trained

3: The right to choose the product in terms of price and quality with the customer

4: The largest specialist and up-to-date collection of all kinds of products

69 min

69 Min

The following categories can be mentioned among the products that are offered in Iran Pomex production group:

1: Paste glue

2: Powder glue

3: Porcelain glue

4: Strapping glue

5: Antique stone glue

6: Concrete glue

7: Sealing glue

8: Glue 123

9: Waterproof resin

10: polymer glue

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